KCP Dynamics partners with 4PS offering a construction ERP software solution that provides you anytime, anywhere real-time insight into the status of your projects and services.  Developed on the reliable Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, this solution is ideal for construction, civil engineering, installation technology, service & maintenance, and plant rental sectors.

4PS is ideal for any company that offers services and works with a project-based methodology. KCP Dynamics and 4PS believe that construction ERP software should be standard, scalable and user-friendly. Markets today move quickly; your software should respond accordingly.

Flexible and robust construction ERP software for all your processes can help you deal with the unexpected in order to maintain the profit flow and avoid losses.

Simplify data entry, digitize your document flow, monitor your projects online, and gain more insight with compelling standard dashboards from PowerBI.

4PS Portal Solutions

Both internal and external parties are involved in the successful execution of a project. Each stakeholder adds value in his/her own way, and every action must be documented.

A successful project requires supply chain collaboration; coordinating the activities and responsibilities with multiple parties such as architects, vendors and subcontractors. By using the 4PS portals, you efficiently document the entire process.

The Portals

This solution has offers portals that work integrally with 4PS Construct.

  • 4PS Timesheet Portal
    • Post your hours to the right project anytime and anywhere.
  • 4PS Service Portal
    • Collaborate with your customers on a single platform for all maintenance.
  • 4PS Subcontractor Portal
    • Interface digitally with your subcontractors
  • 4PS Project Portal
    • Manage your project file online and collaborate on projects.
4PS Planning

Organization is an indispensable tool in every business venture. 4PS offers a graphic planning solution to make efficient planning of projects both small and large. The solution is flexible, intuitive and intelligent. The planning can even prioritize which professional should execute each work order.

4PS Planning is functionally integrated with 4PS Construct.

4PS Apps

4PS Apps are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016; offering you the possibility of having access to your information on every device. The project manager or contract manager has access to his data anytime and anywhere via a special Tablet Client and a Phone Client for optimum operation.

The App is fully integrated with the other 4PS solutions, ensuring that reports are effectively received in the contractor’s system.

In addition to the Service Reports App, 4PS has developed a Void Management App for recording. Adjust the app to your own style and company.

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4PS Mobile

Work anywhere and anytime with the mobile capabilities of 4PS, allowing:

  • Seamless integration with 4PS Construct;
  • Real-time insight into the progress of your work orders by the use of reference points;
  • Complete handling of corrective and preventive work orders, including inspection lists;
  • Navigation from your tablet or laptop;
  • Ordering directly from the application from your favorite wholesaler;
  • The mechanic’s day sheet is generated automatically;

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