KCP Dynamics partners with YAVEON solutions for your ERP manufacturing needs in the life science industry. YAVEON ProBatch is the superior solution for the lot-manufacturing industry and YAVEON ProLife is the solution for process manufacturing operations.

YAVEON ProBatch and Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the Lot-Manufacturing Industry

Enhance Processes and Compliance

YAVEON Probatch is the perfect add-on to Microsoft Dynamics NAV to enhance efficient processes and compliance requirements in the lot manufacturing industry. It offers a unique opportunity to integrate company data from manufacturing and MES typical functions to financial management and strategic planning in one comprehensive ERP system.

YAVEON ProBatch solution:
  • Ensures efficient processes and compliance with all requirements of the lot manufacturing industry
  • Optimizes the management of manufacturing specifications
  • Generates the transparency of financial and material data flow
  • Supports documentation and technical specifications which guarantee the compliance with the software development life cycle.

Lot Management
  • Splitting of Lots /-Merging of Split Lots
  • Management of Lot Specifications
  • Lot Status Management
  • Lot-/Container Availability
  • Lot Tracking
  • Manufacturing Specifications
  • Filling Orders
  • Finite Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Scheduling Optimization According to Bottlenecks
  • Graphical Line Monitoring and Scheduling Interface
  • Calculation of Ingredients
Data Security
  • Electronic Signature
  • Audit Trail
  • Permissions and Field Security
  • Management of Specifications
  • Continuous Quality Assurance
  • Vendor Rating
  • Rating of Internal Deliveries

YAVEON ProLife and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Process Industries

Increase the Speed and Flexibility 

YAVEON ProLife ERP system supports a range of manufacturing processes, including make to order, make to stock, and mixed mode, or a hybrid environment incorporating both process and discrete operations. Your company can build a flexible solution that fits your needs by integrating production processes and implementing best practices that standardize operations and increase efficiency.

Communication Internally and with Customers and Trading Partners

With streamlined processes your company can maintain high production levels and on-time deliveries by sharing real-time information among key departments and integrating critical production and quality control (QC) data into your buying, selling, and production decisions. Your sales and customer service employees can communicate effectively with customers by responding quickly to order status, certificate of analysis, and delivery queries. With up-to-date production information, your trading partners can better meet delivery dates or quickly alert you to changing market conditions.

Provide Insight into Production Processes and Costs to Manage Resources Effectively

Gain valuable insight into production schedules, capacity loadings, shop floor activities, and production costs. View up-to-the-minute client, contract, and project management details for an accurate accounting of profitability. Manage co-products and by-products in your formulas or recipes centrally and always know the correct inventory status for any given item. By tracking items from cradle to grave, your company can implement effective recall procedures with complete forward and backward traceability of any material.

YAVEON ProLife Solution:
  • Increases speed and flexibility of your process manufacturing operations
  • Improves communications internally and with customers and supply chain partners
  • Optimizes insight into production processes and costs to help manage resources effectively
  • Enables quick respond to changing market conditions or new opportunities
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Enhances return on investment (ROI)


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