Oil and Gas

As a global consultant, KCP Dynamics is uniquely positioned as an expert in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics in the oil and gas industry.  For end users, resellers, traders, marketers, shippers, retailers and refiners, our experts understand the complex supply chain and multiple international factors which determine the profitability of the oil and gas industry.

How KCP Dynamics Can Add Value 

Your Unique Needs

Given that such implementations can involve multiple locations, languages, currencies, and business functions, KCP Dynamics’ experienced professional team of program and project managers will work with you to assess your unique needs and develop an implementation strategy which suits your schedule and sensitivities.

Our Expert Analysis and Design

Our consultants, experienced in global finance, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, procurement, wholesale/retail sales, and asset maintenance, will provide you with architectural designs appropriate for your infrastructure and operations.

Our designers and developers will analyze the unique aspects of your operations, and recommend any system integrations, functional enhancements, or add-ons to address particular processes.

Well Planned and Implementation

Our international implementation team will partner with you across the globe, to execute a well planned and orderly rollout. This process transitions with a handover to our global support team, who will ensure that you maximize the effectiveness and ROI of your Microsoft Dynamics implementation for years to come.


KCP Dynamics has many years of deep experience with both global and localized petrochemical implementations, and is uniquely positioned to bring our knowledgeable resources and proven processes to your organization.

Contact us to learn more about how our expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry can help your business.