Tailor Made

Your company’s unique business processes are a key element of your competitive advantages. A hallmark of the Microsoft Dynamics product suite is its ability to be enhanced through development in order to fully support those unique processes.

KCP Dynamics’ Application Development team makes this possible through a structured process of requirements analysis, functional specification, development, testing, and deployment. Our unique U-Model framework ensures that your requirements are implemented in a structured and transparent process, to maximize value and minimize risk.

From minor screen or report adjustments to bona-fide transactional modules, our team will ensure that you are able to implement your business vision in a well-planned and cost effective manner.

Quality Assurance

KCP Dynamics employs a unique application development framework known as the U-Model.  This model ensures that requirements are progressively elaborated, from initial vision through detailed technical specification, in a manner consistent with your organization’s overall priorities.  It then helps the users and developers to reference those tiered requirements in all of the phases of the process.  This approach minimizes scope creep, and ensures high-quality, predictable deliverables, by engaging the end users at appropriate junctures throughout the process.

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