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DaaS solution offers all the benefits of a platform such as Dynamics NAV in conjunction with legal requirements offered by KCP Dynamics with its portfolio of LATAM localizations.

It is a management system that enables to capitalize different efforts and improving the performance of the company. KCP Dynamics and Microsoft have a solution that allows you to be tailored to your business with all the benefits of Dynamics NAV , managing your infrastructure with Azure and creating a customized system thanks to the experience of KCP with its localization and verticals according to your industry.

  • Immediate and well-timed information.
  • Process standardization and unification in all business areas on a single management tool.
  • “Ready-to-use”, Azure is responsible for your infrastructure.

Detailed information within a single tool


  • Access to information anywhere
  • Makes information available in real-time
  • Access all data from any device at any time


  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction of working times
  • Cost reductions


  • Process unification
  • Integration of all business areas
  • Customization tailored to your business

The understanding of Microsoft as a manufacturer of business applications and the expertise of KCP Dynamics with entrepreneurs in different industries gives the reliability to offer the best service and product for the needs of your organization.

Product scope

Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is an enterprise resource planning – business management software (ERP) that allows you to automate and manage business processes.

Highly adaptable to specific requirements, it has several original possibilities and allows a business management adapted to their needs, encompassing all business processes.


Azure is a complete set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to create, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centers. Azure as an infrastructure allows you to reduce or vertically scale resources quickly to adjust them to your demand. A scalable cloud that you can trust.


Success Story

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Although the project is currently in the deployment phase (prior to start production), the solution in the cloud allows a distribution of financial resources according to the life cycle of the project, since for the initial phases of implementation is not necessary a robust infrastructure. It is scalable in size and costs until the production, according to this, another attribute is derived in favor, the scalability of the infrastructure is dynamic and flexible, allowing to have state-of-the-art technology in a matter of minutes.  Scalable = reducing the cost of the property, maintenance and support.


  • At the end of the project an increase in the productivity of the business is expected by 20%, derived from the reduction of problems of system crashes
  • Reduce the cost of property, maintenance and support, which allows for further investment in other business areas.
  • Business integrated solution (core business process NAV + COL Loc + Jet reports) it facilitates the generation and consumption of customized reports to measure indicators of operation management in all its functional areas covered by the business solution.

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