Financials for Office 365

Financials for Office 365

Financials for Office 365 (Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and soon in Singapore)

Financials for Office 365 Highlights:

Efficiency, the system runs on Dynamics NAV which is an Enterprise Grade system from Microsoft.

Agility, the system can be deployed within 15 to 25 man-days for a standard set-up.

Cost-efficiency, in contrast to competitors the price won’t break your wallet. You can also opt-out immediately after a month.

Global Support, we offer support that can extend to 24/7 for high maintenance systems.


Powerful cloud accounting software 

Outgrown your current system and overwhelmed with choices? Look no further. Financials fill a gap in the market for businesses who have outgrown their accounting systems that have transaction.

Accounting software?

Yes, we got it.  From basic to advanced capabilities, use them when you’re ready.  Currently can’t get the reports you need? No problem.  With unique report tagging features, it is so simple to produce, you will be the go-to reporting guru in no time.

Inventory management?

Yes, you bet.  You’ll be moving and selling stock with us in no time.  Forecast demand, automate processes and delight your customers.  From basic to advanced inventory management, warehousing, and even manufacturing; we have them all in one application to connect your whole supply chain.

Services business?

Yes, you’re in the right place.  Imagine easily seeing how your business is performing against projects, against budgets, while managing all your resources and staff utilization with workflows in one place.  When you see the complete picture, you’re in control.

All the features you need to successfully run your business

Financials for Office 365 is cloud accounting software that allows you to manage your entire business on the go.


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