KCP partners with LS Nav to offer a complete retail management system that gives retailers, from a variety of vertical industries, all the functionalities they need to manage their whole operation efficiently – from head office to POS terminals. LS Nav helps you offer outstanding customer service and ensure loyalty with a suite of in-store, online and mobile features that put your customers at the center throughout your Omni-Channel.

Benefits of Using LS Nav

With LS Nav you will work with a single, fully integrated and complete platform; saving on software and system administration costs as well as eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple different IT systems. In turn you will:
  • Eliminate time spent on aligning data from different sources
  • Eliminate inconsistency that leads to unreliable financial data
  • Eliminate loss of sales because of stock outs and wrong pricing
LS Nav will give you better control and overview of your operations through a number of modules, which will help you:
  • Optimize your staffing and quality of service
  • Reduce capital binding in inventory
  • Reduce loss and fraud
  • Reduce markdowns
  • Analyze your vendor performance
  • Achieve your profit targets
LS Nav enhances your sales and marketing strategies aimed at attracting new customers and enticing your existing ones through:
  • Advanced upsell, cross-sell and right-sell functionality
  • Tailored loyalty and membership programs
  • Personalized deals and promotions
  • Managing gift cards and physical and electronic coupons
By managing your inventory in an optimal way, LS Nav can help you:
  • Free up working capital
  • Lower inventory levels by up to 35%
  • Reduce workloads through automation: Replenishment can be done automatically or manually
  • Encounter fewer stock-outs
  • Experience faster return on investment

Simple, Easy and Effective

This easy, simple and fast solution allows management to oversee and run their business centrally from the back office; optimally track sales, stock and productivity live on all your channels –including physical locations as well as e-commerce and mobile platforms; quickly and effectively react when circumstances change, minimizing your risks and maximizing your profits.

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