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Technology for business management

Novomatic and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the right partner choice

During 2018, the Novomatic subsidiary in Colombia decides to implement Navision Dynamics NAV for the management of its activities in the country. After a first unsuccessful attempt, it decides to change partners, chooses KCP Dynamics and completes its implementation successfully, regaining confidence in Microsoft and Navision Dynamics NAV.

Novomatic, one of the largest gaming technology groups

Novomatic, one of the largest gaming technology manufacturing and distribution groups, is present in more than 45 countries. Its consolidated annual turnover is 2.6 billion euros.

The group, which has its origins in Austria, has divisions for the development of gaming technology and for the operation of gaming rooms and casinos. More than 25,000 employees work for the group, which is present in 70 countries.

Novomatic provides complete solutions for its customers: from stationary products, administration systems and cash management solutions, online, mobile and social media gaming, to lottery and sports betting solutions.

Its technology centers are leaders in research and development of innovative gaming solutions, especially in distributed solutions and software content and applications.

Novomatic in Colombia

In 2011 Novomatic arrived in the country, establishing itself as Novomatic Gaming Colombia. From this headquarters it serves the national and Central American market, providing gaming solutions in acquisition or rental mode.

The knowledge and experience of its professionals makes the relationship with its customers go beyond a commercial transaction; Colombian customers receive advice for the profitability of their project, an accompaniment during the installation process and an excellent after-sales service to ensure maximum availability of the installation.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV project

The adoption of the same management solution used by the national headquarters of the rest of the group arrives in 2017. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the platform approved by the group.

An initial installation of the financial area of the platform proved unsatisfactory. After months of work, the results obtained were not as expected, which caused the reputation of the product and manufacturer to be questioned.

After several consultations with professionals and the decision of a change of partner, KCP Dynamics took over the project. In October 2018 it was restarted again under the right methodology and the premise of taking advantage of the investment already made in the product. After a correct definition of requirements, an appropriate configuration and the implementation of the localization of KCP DYNAMICS COLOMBIA for NAV, the project starts in June 2019. Not only does it do so in the financial area but also the area of sales, purchasing and warehouses, being monitored by the accounting department for 60 days in which all the follow-ups performed were positive.

The incorporation of Office products, not contemplated in the first implementation, and the integration with the management platform, meant significant time savings and productivity increases.

The development, in parallel to the implementation by KCP Dynamics, of a mobile application for the management and authorization of travel expenses for the sales department using Microsoft Power Platform technology consolidated KCP’s services through consulting and value-added development for Novomatic Colombia.

Recovery of confidence

The success in the final implementation has brought Microsoft and Dynamics NAV back into the confidence of the client, with whom KCP Dynamics has developed a roadmap for the incorporation of new functionalities based on Microsoft products for the improvement of the productivity of the Colombian headquarters.