KCP Dynamics partners with Drink-IT offering a complete beverage specific solution imbedded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  This solution is fully modifiable and scalable while delivering robust functionality to all aspects of your beverage operation.

What can Drink-IT do for you?

Boost productivity

Drink-IT ties your value chain into one seamless and simple workflow that improves efficiency and effectiveness. Take advantage of business practices, fantastic functionality and incredible speed.

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Increase profit

Drink-IT delivers remarkable value across your entire business. Eliminate inefficiencies, control costs, improve profits, ensure compliance and streamline operations with end-to-end integration of your business processes.

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Capture growth

Drink-IT helps you grow faster without getting bigger. The flexible solution enables you to capture new business opportunities by making it easy to increase capacity, implement new processes, manage new business units or expand to new geographies without increasing your administrative needs. Drink-IT is designed for growth and international trade.

Drink-IT powers your beverage business 

Drink-IT fits your specific beverage industry, and offers all the deep functional coverage you need to run your business. Explore how Drink-IT covers all your industry and functional needs.

Marketing & Sales

With a fully integrated Drink-IT system, you will sell smarter and faster with:

  • Customer tracking
  • Marketing and sales tools
  • Business intelligence reporting


These will help you to:

  • Build a more productive, customer-centred beverage business
  • Close more deals
  • Benefit from mobile sales
  • Be successful with online marketing

Warehouse & Distribution

Your Drink-IT system will transform efficiency by:

  • Streamlining your warehouse and distribution processes
  • Managing your supply chain


Enabling you to:

  • Maintain high levels of customer service
  • Improve warehouse processes
  • Easily handle periodic discounts
  • Lower costs

Finance & Tax

Drink-IT’s automated and robust financial management and accounting tools enable you to:

  • Integrate finance management throughout your departments and team members.
  • Allow easy visibility to financial processes and analytics for authorized users
  • Benefit from automated, real-time processes across the company
  • Gain business insight with intelligence tools
  • Control costs, cash, liquidity, tax and contracts across your entire company

Purchase & Inventory

Drink-IT will boost your procurement processes by:

  • Optimizing the full purchase, inventory and payment workflow –
  • Streamlining and accelerating product request, buying, receiving and more.
  • Automating and monitoring your purchase processes


In turn providing:

  • Optimised replenishment for optimal stock levels
  • Full pending purchase overview of orders and plant receipts
  • Clear insight to stock levels

Production & Quality

Improve your end-to-end operational efficiency

Drink-IT will improve your end-to-end efficiencies by:

  • Enabling visibility into energy and raw material costs
  • Managing complex customer demands
  • Simplifying insight into food safety and quality concerns.
  • Improve operational reliability, visibility and flexibility
  • More agile order handling
  • Improve production throughput

 Contract Management

Realize the full sales potential of your contracts

Drink-IT Contract Management will help you:

  • Easily create and manage all kinds of contracts
  • Effortlessly monitor whether your outlets or pubs are performing to contract
  • Handle everything from rental amounts and loans to loaned materials and more
  • Save time researching contracts

Service Management 

Even better service made more profitable

Drink-IT Service Management – closely integrated with Drink-IT Contract Management – maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs that allow you to:

  • Win loyalty by exceeding the expectations of pubs and outlets
  • Take tighter control of service costs
  • Organize service resources for maximum efficiency

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Catapult your business performance with powerful analysis 

Drink-IT BI & Reporting easily capture and analyze data for faster business insights to:

  • Optimise capacity, inventory and profitability
  • Effortlessly secure actionable management information

For more information: Drink-IT product page

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